Why read The Dirtbag Professional?

If you’re at all like me, you want to go 100% in on all the things you do. But if you’re a collector of hobbies, careers, and interests, chances are you’ve burnt out trying to do it all before. It doesn’t have to be like this, but it takes work and conscious effort to balance a career as a young professional with your passion for adventure and the outdoors.

I created The Dirtbag Professional to share the second-hand gold I’ve amassed over the last 5 years of navigating dirtbaggery and professionalism. When I finished college, I spent the first few years constantly pulled between my early marketing and writing career and my desire to sell everything, sleep in my Subaru, and travel the desert West. I spent many late nights convinced that I’d have to pick between two extremes: old, broke dirtbag or corporate weekend warrior.

After my fair share of existential crises, job switches, 70-hour workweeks, and upskilling, I’ve created a life that allows me to travel in my DIY-converted Sprinter van, build a home with my partner, and advance a career in tech as a content marketer for some of the largest B2B enterprises in the world. Now, I want to be an expander for people looking to do the same. This newsletter will bring you weekly tips, stories, warnings, and rants about how I got here—and how you can, too.

Got an appetite for more?

The whole point of creating this publication is to share and create a bank of community knowledge for everyone that wants to crush their career and adventure goals. That’s why a portion of my regular, bi-monthly writing is available for free, with no gate. However, if you’re wanting more—or just want to support your local digital dirtbag—I’ve created a few tiers of upgraded content that include all public writing, plus some extras:

  1. Paid subscription: This tier gets you access to the full suite of weekly content published every Wednesday and the Dirtbag Commune where you can participate in the conversation. You’ll also be the first to see future video and audio content as I try out new formats.

  2. Supporter subscription: This tier gets you access to all the content in Tier 1, as well as a one (1) hour-long coaching call to pick my brain about whatever you want, from optimizing your website to writing great content to building a van or whatever else you need help with.

Know a dirtbag trying to make a living that needs some help?

If you have a friend, family member, belay partner, or camp neighbor that could use some extra help finding balance and making it all work you can gift them a monthly or annual subscription to The Dirtbag Professional.

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